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Project Description

MOSS is able to provide multilingual context menus according to user-preferred language, simply with a help of MOSS language packs and a little bit of these custom codes. This idea was firstly implemented at late 2006 and has been adapted some critical projects world wide.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the MUI for MOSS is not officially maintained or supported by Microsoft!

Main Idea & Scope

Main Idea
  • This multilingual menu is based on resource framework of ASP.NET and it means you just extend general feature of ASP.NET and may easily devise my idea with your own ways. If you need more on this subject please refer to an article “Extending the ASP.NET 2.0 Resource-Provider Model” at

  • All Context Menus in regular sites - This is the main initiatives and objective of this MUI for MOSS
  • Almost of Action Menus
  • Almost of User Action Pages
  • Parts of Administration Pages

  • Excluding Navigation and Breadcrumb
  • Excluding URL Links
  • Excluding Column Headers
  • Excluding all values from contents database
  • Excluding all others that are not mentioned in scope

Common Application Strategy

  1. Install MOSS of standard language of your organization since Central Admin and SSP usually do not need to be MUI.
  2. Create public sites with standard language of your organization since this MUI customization has no effect on certain application pages and web controls.
  3. May create private or team site with preferred language of the owner since those kinds of sites are usually under control of specific owners.

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